Mission Accomplished!

At 11:49:55 MST on October 22, 2017 I completed the Arizona Trail, the last trail of the One of Seven Project.  By completing both the Hiking (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail) and Bikepacking (Tour Divide, Colorado Trail, and Arizona Trail) Triple Crowns I am now the first person in the world to have done so.  I am One of Seven Billion.  Follow me on Instagram for live videos and updates.


One of Seven Project

Through this project I have realized that despite the immense effort and the suffering, and the sense of accomplishment one gets from large projects like this, the most valuable part of my travels has been the people I have met and shared experiences with. This has led me to realize I want to encourage everyone to find their passion that makes each of them unique and one of seven billion people on the planet.  I plan to encourage them to follow those passions regardless of what others say or think.  I plan on doing this through motivational speaking, writing, social media, and personal interaction with those I meet during my adventures and daily life.

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  • Hike

  • Appalachian Trail – 2168 mi – 2001
  • Pacific Crest Trail – 2655 mi – 2007
  • Continental Divide Trail – 2751 mi – 2015
  • 7574 Total Miles Completed
  • Bike

  • Tour Divide – 2732 mi – June 2017
  • Colorado Trail – 539 mi- July 2017
  • Arizona Trail – 757 mi – Oct 2017
  • 4028 Total Miles Completed
  • Project Total

  • Human powered adventure
  • 11,602 Total Miles 

One of Seven Project Map


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