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Craig Fowler

About Craig Fowler

Endurance Athlete, Hiker, Cyclist, Chocolate Chip Cookie Aficionado

I grew up like most my age playing in the woods and exploring my small world on my bicycle. Not much has changed in 40 years. I still play in the woods and explore the world by bike but my world has gotten much bigger and my adventures take me much further.
Cycling has been my mainstay since high school. Mountain biking was my first love but come Fall time you can find me getting dirty at the Cyclocross races. Hiking, or should I say Thru-hiking is about the only thing that keeps me off the bike for long.
Being a dreamer, my goals are usually big, just like my imagination. At times I’m like Walter Mitty and imagination and dreaming take over and you might lose me for a moment or two.

I’m driven by the desire to see new places, go further and see what’s around the next corner, and the next, and the next. I enjoy pushing my limits both mentally and physically.  I’ve been known to say “Just 10 more minutes, then I’ll stop.”, only to still be hiking one hour later and it’s getting dark.



  • Appalachian Trail -2001
  • Long Trail – 2003
  • Pacific Crest Trail – 2007
  • Continental Divide Trail 2015


  • Bike Toured 1800 mi from Seattle to Mexico -2007
  • 2x Finisher of Cascade Cream Puff 100 mile MTB
  • Rode 1200 miles in Alaska – 2011
  • 2007 WA State Champion Men’s B Cyclocross
  • 4x MAD Racing Masters A Cyclocross Champion
  • 7x 24 Hour Races – 1x 18 Hour Race
  • Kokopelli Trail
  • Tour Divide
  • Colorado Trail
  • Arizona Trail

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