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Stephen Hyde CX national championships
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Top 20 Ways to Survive Winter as a Cyclist

Top 20 Ways to Survive Winter as a Cyclist To survive winter as a cyclists you have to be flexible, daring, willing to change, and sometimes a bit out there.  These are not for everyone and not a complete list but research has shown they are…
Hike/bike triple crown map w/ symbols

My Favorite Gear from the Bikepacking Triple Crown

While on the bikepacking triple crown my gear choices from one trail to the next changed only slightly.  The three things that changed were, how I carried my water, my shelter, and the clothes I wore.  To see my favorite gear from my thru-hiking…
Phillip in the dirt bike transportation

Arizona Trail Wrap Up

One October 22, 2017 I finished the AZT and completed my goal of becoming the first person in the entire world to complete both the thru-hiking and bikepacking triple crowns.  It's been just over a week since I finished and my opinion is that…