Looking to race or tour one of the bikepacking triple crown races?  Our guides will get you from concept, to the starting line of either the Arizona Trail, Tour Divide, or Colorado Trail.  After that it’s up to you to get to the finish.  With our guides we think you’ll have the best shot at making it, but a lot of whether you finish or not has to do with how well you plan.  Don’t get us wrong, physical fitness is also import but so is mental prep.  Proper planning is part of being mentally tough.  As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power!”.  We would like to think we’ve got you covered there.

Our guides include everything:  trail history, facts, data, step by step planning, transportation, best and hardest sections, lessons learned, things to do before you go, maps, town lists, water sources, gear lists, downloads, and lots more.

What are you waiting for?  Get planning!

Arizona Trail logo guides


The AZT is a multi use trail spanning over 800 miles from Mexico to the Utah border through Arizona.  From the scorching heat of the southern deserts to the bottom of the Gran Canyon the AZT offers a bit of everything.

Tour Divide/Great Divide MTB Route Logo guides Bikepacking Resources


The Tour Divide (GDMBR) starts in Banff, AB Canada and finishes at the US/Mexico border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico.  With a distance of over 2700 miles the TD is one of the longest bikepacking routes there is.  Unlike the AZTR and CTR the Tour Divide is mostly jeep track and dirt roads but, man is it still a beast!

Colorado Trail Logo guides


The Colorado Trail is a multi use trail, like that of the AZT.  The big difference is the CT has an average elevation of over 10,000′, with miles of above treeline riding, thick forests, and can be much wetter.  Epic HAB’s and hair rising descents await you on this epic single track gem.