One of Seven Project

The One of Seven Project is my goal to become the FIRST person in history to have completed both the hiking and bikepacking Triple Crowns. I would be One of Seven Billion.

The idea came to me while watching the movie “The Martian” staring Matt Damon. He’s stranded on Mars alone and talks about how he’s the only person in history to ever be on a planet alone.  It got me to thinking and after a little digging on the internet found out no one had done both triple crowns.  At that point the seed was planted in my head, and here we are.

The plan is to ride the Tour Divide, then the Colorado Trail, followed up by an ITT of the Arizona Trail.  That will be over 4000 miles (over 11k for the project in total). I’ll be testing out my rig and gear on the Cococino 250 in April. With 27 years of cycling and thousands of miles of hiking under my belt I’m hoping I take to bikepacking like a fish to water.

To learn more about how I became the adventurer I am checkout this blog post.

You can track my project here, on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Trackleaders website (shows my actually location in real time, and the MTBCast wesbite (voice recordings from racers).


Other Races/Rides in 2017:
Coconino 250 – Completed
Growler – Logistically not happening
Breck 100 – Logistically not happening
Various other biking trips
John Muir Trail – To Be Continued…
25 Hours of Frog Hollow
MFG Woodland Park GP
Tour Divide
2732 miles
June 2017

Completed, 20 Days 18 Hours 56 Minutes

Colorado Trail
539 miles
July 2017

Completed, 7 Days 12 Hours 56 Minutes

Arizona Trail
757 miles
October 2017

Completed, 15 Days 5 Hours 49 Minutes

Pacific Crest Trail logo
Continental Divide Trail logo
Tour Divide logo
Colorado Trail logo
Arizona Trail Logo
The full project consists of the following:

  • Hike

  • Appalachian Trail – 2168 mi – 2001
  • Pacific Crest Trail – 2655 mi – 2007
  • Continental Divide Trail – 2751 mi – 2015
  • 7574 Total Miles Completed
  • Bike

  • Tour Divide – 2732 mi – June 2017
  • Colorado Trail – 539 mi- July 2017
  • Arizona Trail – 757 mi – Oct 2017
  • 4028 Total Miles Completed
  • Project Total

  • Human powered adventure
  • 11,602 Total Miles 

One of Seven Project Map